Injector Cleaning by Post

The process of having your injectors cleaned via our postal service couldn't be simpler - no matter how many, what type or where you would like them delivered to.

The following 7 steps simplify this process:

  1. Park your vehicle in a safe storage place and carefully remove the injectors (most are removed by loosening the fuel rail, removing each injector's retaining clip and connector plug, and giving each injector a firm 'wiggle').

    We will gladly offer guidance via email should you be unsure of how to do this. The internet is a valuable asset should you need immediate information!

  2. Use the 'contact us' form to inform us:

    i. How many injectors you require cleaning
    ii. The type of injectors, including what vehicle/engine they are for
    iii. Your location

    We will then send you a PayPal invoice for the total (this also contains details of where to send your injectors). Our prices are presently:

    Petrol injector cleaning and testing (fitting service parts and report where appropriate) - £12.50 per injector (most types).
    Insured return postage for four injectors - £8.50-10 (UK), £12-15 (Europe), £15-20 (Rest of World)

  3. Pay with your credit or debit card using our secure automated payment service (PayPal). Our postal details are contained on the subsequent payment receipt.

  4. Once payment has been made, carefully wrap your injectors in either paper or bubble wrap and package in either a small box or padded bag and post them to us. We recommend using a service that includes compensation for loss or damage (Royal Mail 'Recorded' and 'Special' delivery for UK customers). Please also include your name, return address and copy of your PayPal invoice.

  5. Allow 2-4 working days turnaround (from receipt) for our standard injector cleaning service or 1-2 working days for our priority injector cleaning service. Our standard return postage is insured against loss or damage to the value of £500.

  6. Carefully refit your injectors as per removal. Check for any loose parts, use a little clean engine oil on the o-rings for lubrication and allow a few extra seconds for the fuel system to re-pressurise before starting your engine. Once running, a visual examination of the fuel rail is essential.

  7. Benefit from restored fuel economy and horsepower!

Click on the picture to see a typical example of a petrol injector cleaning service report:

  Injector Cleaning